GGD, GHOR, RAV, and Zorg- en Veiligheidshuis in the Hollands Midden region form Hecht together. The new name, the new logo, and the strong brand identity create connection and recognition. Hecht and its labels communicate in a powerful design style with fresh unique accents.

Everything Hecht does contributes to improving the quality of life in the region. More positively experienced health, more safety, and more opportunities for everyone. You can see this reflected in the new logo and communications. Hecht stands for Together healthier. We ensure that everyone knows and recognizes that.

The new visual language creates a visual connection between all the brands under Hecht. The clear line illustrations provide recognition, but above all, they explain their services. They are prominent in communication materials but also serve as corporate branding in the interior.

Brand advice & strategy
Logo and branding
Brand identity
Corporate identity
Interior design
Print communication
Online communication
Employer branding


"Cats&Dogs contributes as a partner in building our brand. They understand our DNA and can provide clear advice as a result."
Jasja Sikking-Baken